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Swift Application Development Platform (Swift ADP)

  • Rapid Application Development
  • Reduced Build Costs
  • No Licensing Fees
  • Robust and Powerful Development Platform
  • Intuitive and User friendly Interface
  • Web Based for Local Server or hosted Deployment

Swift ADP is a feature rich development platform which incorporates lots of pre-written code to get your bespoke application build off to a flying start. Most bespoke applications require some common, core functionality to be coded before your business requirements can begin to take shape. These core functions typically include a security layer, navigation system, interface components, system audit and other base functionality. With Swift ADP these modules and more are already built and ready to go saving your project time and money. There is no charge for the basic Swift software, we only charge for the time required to adapt the package to your requirements.

Standard Swift ADP Components :

  • Powerful MySQL Database.
  • Easily maintained user and group security settings.
  • Flexible, multi-layered menu for easy system navigation.
  • Customisable screen layouts, tables and form components.
  • Standardised master table maintenance screens.
  • System auditing of data additions and edits.
  • System wide messaging components.
  • Easily maintainable help system.
  • Built in change request tracking.
  • Easily export data to csv and Excel xml files.

What else can it do?

Swift ADP can easily connect to other data sources, enabling it to integrate with your existing IT systems. It has versatile reporting capabilities, can integrate charts, maps and graphics, export data in a variety of formats and run business processes and calculations. Swift ADP has a user friendly interface to allow easy data input and capture, it’s capable of handling file and data uploads, process and transform your data,run scheduled tasks, email notifications and so much more!

As a web based system, Swift ADP might typically be used to:

  • Create websites, intranets, e-commerce or customer portals.
  • For developing operational systems such as resource planning, CRM, staff systems, asset management, product and service delivery.
  • Financial systems such as expenses management, project costing, financial planning, data trending, customer and internal recharging.
  • Reporting systems, data interrogation, data warehousing, dashboards and business intelligence.

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